It's time to adopt the unlikely duo of fashion and sustainability! Here at Clime, we believe that looking good and doing good for the planet are two peas in a sustainable pod.

  • Hi there, we are Divya and Anusha, the co-founders of Clime. Our story begins with a heart-wrenching incident that changed our lives forever. In 2018, we heard about the killiing of tigress Avni. This tragedy made us realize the extent of damage humans are causing to our planet and its inhabitants. 

    We felt a strong urge to do something, to make a change in our own lives. That's when we stumbled upon the devastating truth about the fashion industry. We learned that it was the second most polluting industry in the world, and we were horrified to find that most of our own clothes were made of petroleum-based fabrics that were not only harmful to the environment but also of poor quality. 

  • When we started exploring sustainable fashion options, we encountered another challenge. Most sustainable fashion was either too expensive or lacked personal style. But we refused to give up. We felt a deep passion to create a change and make a difference in the world. So, we dove into extensive research and eventually, Clime was born.

  • At Clime, we're all about embracing your individuality and breaking free from the paradigm of conformity - whether you're quirky, weird, or just unapologetically yourself.  We believe in embracing and flaunting your individuality, expressing your distinct character, and contributing to a better world through sustainable fashion choices. So forget about blending in, its time to stand out. 

  • Dr. Anusha Goil

    Introducing our co-founder, a former dentist turned sustainable fashion enthusiast! She's a master of all trades, lending her modeling skills and handling operations and marketing with ease. Her passion for sustainability and ethical fashion drives everything she does, and she's always striving to make a positive impact.

  • Dr. Divya Goil

    Introducing our co-founder, a medical graduate turned sustainable fashion guru! She's a one-woman army, handling finances, marketing, operations, and even teaching herself design. With her unwavering vision and commitment to sustainability, she's changing the fashion game for the better.

  • Mansi Harit

    AKA our fashion design wizard! Armed with a sharp eye for prints, an unmatched skill for crafting beautiful silhouettes, and a limitless supply of creativity, our designer is ready to take your fashion game to the next level.

  • Hanza Hajji

    Meet our design magician! From this sales deck to social media posts, reels, and our website, she can create it all with style and flair. With her eye for aesthetics and attention to detail, our graphic designer is the secret weapon behind our brand's visual identity.